Another Sunday.

A Sunday morning. Ate Cherrioes. Started season three of Friends. Put on make up. I look rather nice. Put on jeggings. I am craving food, though I am not hungry, though I will be hungry soon. Why are these things worth sharing? I am not sure. The plainness of the quotidian is fascinating to me. Why do I have the T.V on while I’m using the computer? It’s a waste, I can’t focus on two things. Why am I doing this? So many people do this. Why do I think about everything? UH. The episode is when they’re going to a museum benefit, Ross needs everyone to get ready and no one is getting ready. It’s frustrating, why is no one cooperating? They’re his friends. Come on people! Joey just came out wearing all of Chandlers clothes. And now they’re making Ross drink the fat. Oh dear. I miss being in a relationship. But I also enjoy just having to take care of me, and that’s proving difficult enough. I would like to make a sandwich. A good sandwich. Maybe I will make sandwiches. Mmm! Watching Friends is not good for my body image, hmm, issues. They all have flat tummies! And are beautiful. Sigh. But we can have jiggly tummies and still be beautiful. It’s 1:06 pm. I have not been awake for that long. It is nice outside. I have work to do. How much have I said that phrase in my life? I have work to do. Fuck it. I have life to live, and yes, work is a part of that, but it can’t be everything. It isn’t me. I am bigger than the sum of my tasks, my accomplishments. It’s strange to wrap my mind around, but I know it’s true. 

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