April 15/16

Dear A,

I have decided to start an online summer diary, of sorts, for you. I could give explanations of why. Mostly, I miss valuing my day to day, the minutia of my existence.So much of my writing lived in valuing the seemingly valueless, so I will try to value the valueless again. Also, you are far away. I love and despise geography.

I was going to upload photos but my Wifi/computer are too slow.

Notes on my Existence:

  1. Yesterday I went for a short run through Green Timbers Park.
  2. I just finished Haruki Murakami’s What I Talk About When I Talk About Running. An excellent book. I haven’t enjoyed a book like this in a long time. I feel like I made a new friend. I feel both inspired to run and write.
  3. I am taking a new multivitamin. I fear it is causing constipation. Or I’m not drinking enough water.
  4. I boxed for three hours on Wednesday. I would like to do this 4-5 times a week.
  5. I would like to never work again. Or only do work that I like. And make money for it. This is my goal. You know this. I want to work hard at the things I am good at. Excellent at.
  6. I have a map of Berlin above my bed, which had fallen as I slept and I awoke to find it hear my hand. A sign of where our future will lead us? Berlin, Berlin!
  7. I also have a world map above my bed, and a map of Tokyo, and London. The London one is more so due to my love of maps than my love of London.
  8. I saw a large wheel of brie in the store yesterday. $19. I got a similar sized one for $2 CAD in London. One redeeming quality of England – Tesco.
  9. I do not know what today holds. There is a German Conversation Meet Up downtown. Or I could study German alone. Or study Sports Nutrition. Or paint. Or read. Or write one of my many projects.
  10. I miss Los Angeles. I miss a life with a clear path and clear direction. I want to eat vegetables but I almost fear them. They are so full of nutrients. Do I really love myself enough to eat vegetables? Can I commit to life so fully?

About Undecided Pseudonym

A woman who remembers enjoying writing.
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