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All writing, however long or short, however crafted or stream of consciousness, prior to the introduction of Patreon in April 2020

New Cycle

Everything returns from the ether. From death back to creation. Back to the mouth that summons, and through the hands that forge.

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Writing as offering. Writing is an offering. Everything we do is essentially service, and offers something to another. Having become fairly bitter and cynical, I have lost a sense of awe and value in creativity and the beauty of words. … Continue reading

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Musings on Bravery

As I work on reshaping this blog to a place where I can market and promote it, I’m coming across all manner of internal obstacles. Fear fear fear fear fear. Internalized judgments of others. (I spelt “judgments” wrong. I added … Continue reading

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Old New Terror

This blog is terrifying to me because it holds so much of who I truly am, and I feel so far away from that person most of the time.

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Down here again, crawling through the muck, the past, everything I burried, I must now surmount. Welcome.

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It’s been months. I’m coming back. Autocorrect suggested “back home.” True.

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Fear and Art, thoughts.

Fear fear fear fear, la la la la, fear fear fear fear, fear fear!┬áThis is the chorus of my subconscious, no matter what other lyrics abound. It all comes back to this. It is so automatic, so insidious, at every … Continue reading

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Books, etc

In the spirit of personal growth, I am shrinking my possessions. Or at least, just keeping what sparks joy. A deep admirer of Marie Kondo and her Konmari Method, I’ve dedicated this weekend to the ritual of discarding what no … Continue reading

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Ramblings, Again.

The mind a maze, a labyrinth of choices and bullies and judgement. What is freedom, do we even remember? To sit on a bench downtown, I am free, yes. There are no hunters, no agents, no apparent bad guys. But … Continue reading

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Something Small.

A brief greeting. Sleep, food, quiet – all necessary to rebuild. To renovate is perhaps more accurate, rebuilding presupposes that everything is broken. Everything is fine. We just need of what is good. Trading in what no longer serves. Thoughts, … Continue reading

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